Customer Testimonials

Customer satisfaction is what keeps our business rolling. A majority of our residential and commercial projects over the past 11 years have come through referrals from our happy customers.

We recently purchased engraved stones from Sanders Stone Art to recognize donors to our garden. We contacted Doug Sanders several months in advance to help us design the engraved stones. He was very patient and accommodating as we designed the stones and he was willing to implement the changes that we requested.

He finished the project on time and went through every effort to make sure it was quality and that all the details were taken care of. We are very pleased with the finished product and have received many compliments on them.

Doug Sanders approached the project with a professionalism rarely seen by us in other contractors. He had a vested interest from beginning to end. We would be very happy to use him again in the future.


Clifton Smith
Garden Manager
Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District

I am writing to discuss my experience in working with Doug Sanders. I have been on the HOA Board of Maple Ridge Ranches in Oakley UT for 10 years, since its inception. I met Doug prior to working on the Board and have personally worked with him on many projects over the past 12 years. In addition, he has done work for the city of Oakley and people throughout the entire Park City Area including the ski resorts.

His talents seem endless, but the majority of the creative and quality workmanship include working with stone and metal. Some of the work that he has done include:

The design and manufacture of all signage and other decorative features for our HOA. Doug provided a lot of input during the design phase. Some of the signage was created from metal and other signage involved creative carving of flat sided rock; both words and pictures etched into the rock.

"Address Rocks" have been done for many of the residents. Each resident expresses their wishes with Doug and his collaborative efforts result in a unique design. These are also evident throughout the greater Park City Area.

Doug created and built an entry "sign" for the City of Oakley as you approach the town. It is located on a section of land between three streets. It is a creative work that involved the use of stone, metal and wood. A resting cowboy is etched into the stone. This work of art is large and is done in the appropriate scale given the site.

The benefits of our relationship are many. I can count on his input and vast experience in creating something that is ideal for a specific need. His workmanship is excellent. He will not deliver something that does not meet his standards even though it may be acceptable to a client. His work is done on time and within the budget presented. I always think of Doug first when needing help on either a personal project for my home or a project for the HOA.

In summary, Doug is always very open to tackle any project or work that needs to be done. He is very responsive to our needs. As a former business owner, I would not think twice about using his talents and services.

John Dayton
Board of Directors, Maple Ridge Ranches Owners Association

We just purchased two engraved rock signs from Sanders Stone Art, and we are extremely happy! We have a fairly remote cabin up in Huntsville, and we were looking for unique rock signs to identify our lots. My initial call to Sanders Stone Art was returned promptly, sample designs were delivered quickly, and the final products looked exactly as promised. Doug installed the signs quickly and professionally, complete with a great sense of humor and a smile.

We highly recommend Sanders Stone Art for all your unique sign needs. We would not trust anyone else!

Jennifer Hathorne
Huntsville, Utah

Doug Sanders helped us select and install a beautiful stone to display the address number for our house and custom made a metal address number which he permanently attached to the stone. The work was done in a professional manner on time and on budget. Doug's integrity, quality work, and fairness, along with a wonderful sense of humor, make him an absolute pleasure to work with. We can highly recommend his services.

~ Edward Swabb

When you are looking for great service and an engraved stone that will catch attention and be a piece of art, Doug Sanders delivers the goods. It is a great way to put our logo upfront and personal. We highly recommend his great service.

BMW Stone, LLC
Mark Willes
Clifton Hiler
Roscoe Hiler

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