Our Approach

All of our stone signs are completed either at our engraving studio or on site by our professional engraving team which has been building and installing a commercial and residential signs since 1995.

Our work is inspired by listening, understanding, and expressing the customers' vision. We enjoy building relationships with our customers, seeing your vision come into creation in a way that fits your criteria. 

Below are the four basic steps we use in our approach to designing and building residential and commercial stone signs with some options you'll want to consider.

1. Choosing a Stone

  • Do you want a boulder or slab?
  • Where will the stone be installed, and how does the location influence the desired size and appearance?
  • Do you have a stone, or would you like to use one from our stock?

We work with quarries all over the state of Utah, and are experienced in finding the type of stone with the colors and character that you're looking for. Selecting a stone sets the stage for your design.

2. Design Renderings

  • What is the purpose and function of the sign?
  • What style are you looking for: Western, Contemporary, Wildlife, Landscape, Minimalist, Patriotic?
  • Which would you like to use: images from our vast graphic artwork library, or a custom drawn image based off of a photograph or drawing that you provide?
  • Would you like to use a text font from our collection, or a text font that you provide?

If the sign is a residential sign on a street, then the design can be more detailed. For commercial signs on busy streets, we may consider decreasing the design detail and increasing the overall size to accommodate a quicker viewing experience from a greater distance.

In our design process, we start with three design renderings showing a picture of the selected stone with 3 design compositions superimposed over the picture. We send these renderings to the customer in order to receive their feedback and suggestions using 1-2 revision cycles. We take pride in our custom artwork, and never use clip art.

3. Production

We start by producing and cutting a stencil mask of the finalized design. We then prep the stone, glue the stencil to the stone, and use an industrial diesel fired compressor to sand carve the design. Our equipment and technique allows us to carve into both soft and hard stones with great precision.

We then clean-up the rock, remove the stencil and glue, and paint the engraved area using automotive grade paint to minimize natural wear and tear and ensure longevity. 

4. Delivery, Installation, or Pick-up

Depending on the customer's location and needs, we can deliver and install the stone using our crane truck, or we can package and ship the stone to the customer's desired location.


About Doug Sanders


"I like to walk with the stone and let the stone talk to me. The subtle hues of the minerals and how they are layed out in the stone may suggest a vista, or a still life painting. It's important to see the composition created by the shape of the stone, and how a design fits inside of it."

Doug Sanders,
Co-Founder of Sanders Stone Art

Doug Sanders sand carving

Doug Sanders has been engraving since the age of 11 with attention to detail and professional craftsmanship. He possesses a unique gift for seeing the perspective of the customer, and producing unique works of art that will stand the test of time.

Early engraving example

The antique lock above was engraved from a photograph into a piece of zinc with a carbide cutting tip while rotating the zinc on a metal lathe. It was engraved before Doug Sanders was old enough to vote.

Doug Sanders is self taught with over 40 years of artistry in the field of engraving.