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Commercial Stone Signs

Cottage Creek Court

Scale is an important factor when creating visually impressive commercial signage. It should make a powerful first impression and take into consideration the speed and distance from which customers will be viewing the sign.

We've learned the nuances of creating beautiful signs through years of experience. The photo gallery at the bottom of this page shows a variety of sign sizes and styles that our clients have utilized to promote their businesses.

We often work with business owners, construction contractors, architects and builders on business signs and gated community signs.

Here are the advantages to using Sanders Stone Art to create a custom commerical sign:

  • Sand carve your logo and branding design into stone, tile, or glass
  • Lazer cut your logo and branding design into metal
  • Combine natural elements using stone, metal, water, and landscaping into your sign
  • Light your sign at night
  • Custom build your commercial sign to your specifications and vision
  • Let us help you find the perfect stone or boulder for your sign 
  • High-end workmanship and attention to detail
  • Excellent experience and advice on making a memorable business sign

Click the images below to open an enlarged view with a picture description.

  • Viewpoint Center
  • Landscape Center
  • Summit Mosuito
  • Black Rock Ridge
  • 2740 Creekside Kids
  • Oakley Wood Sign
  • Oakley Stone Sign
  • Bear Hollow Village
  • Montain Horse Medical Center
  • BMW Stone
  • Morning Star Estates
  • Atlas Title
  • Park Meadows Country Club
  • Newpark Townhomes
  • Union Village Apartments
  • White Knight
  • Solamere at Deer Valley
  • North University Avenue
  • The Trails
  • Park Meadows Country Club
  • Epic Salon
  • Summit County Health Clinic
  • Summit Wellness Center
  • Deer Mountain Sign Set
  • Deer Mountain Sign Setting