Engraving Services and Products

We provide a variety of engraving services and products, all of which are categorized below. 

Residential Address Signs

Our stone engraved address signs are of our most popular services, and we have a gallery showing examples of our fine craftsmanship.

View examples of our Residential Address Signs.

Commercial Signs

Create the perfect sign for your business or gated community. We can install large stone signs or mount signs onto walls.

View examples of our Commerial Sign.

Water Features and Landscaping

From indoor stone water sculptures to large outdoor waterfalls with engraved stones and bridges, we can turn your vision into a stunning work of stone and water art.

View examples of our Water Features and Landscaping Services.

Headstones & Bench Memorials

Engraved headstones and benches memorials are a beautiful and lasting way to honor the memory of those whom we love so dearly.

View examples of our Bench Memorials and Stone Headstone.

Metal & Stone Signs

Combining metal and stone can be done in a way that is both country rustic and elegant. Metal can be laser cut to your specific logo design and mounted onto a stone slab.

View examples of our Metal and Stone Signs.

Glass & Tile

Engraving glass or tile allows you to create works of art in doorway windows, car windows, the tiles of your bathroom or kitchen or outdoor patio.

View examples of our Glass and Tile Engravings.


About Doug Sanders


"I like to walk with the stone and let the stone talk to me. The subtle hues of the minerals and how they are layed out in the stone may suggest a vista, or a still life painting. It's important to see the composition created by the shape of the stone, and how a design fits inside of it."

Doug Sanders,
Co-Founder of Sanders Stone Art

Doug Sanders sand carving

Doug Sanders has been engraving since the age of 11 with attention to detail and professional craftsmanship. He possesses a unique gift for seeing the perspective of the customer, and producing unique works of art that will stand the test of time.

Early engraving example

The antique lock above was engraved from a photograph into a piece of zinc with a carbide cutting tip while rotating the zinc on a metal lathe. It was engraved before Doug Sanders was old enough to vote.

Doug Sanders is self taught with over 40 years of artistry in the field of engraving.