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Bear Hollow Village
Bear Hollow Village This large boulder is sand carved with landscaping around the sign and two unobtrusive lights installed in front of the sign. Bear Hollow Village provides a pristine mountain setting with panoramic views and quick access to downtown Park City and Salt Lake City.
BMW Stone
BMW Stone A beautiful sandstone sign for one of Utah's finest sandstone quarries. Notice the beautiful variety of red and brown stripes that run through the stone.
Summit Wellness Center
Summit Wellness Center This large sign is made of black painted steel letters installed on the side of this beautiful rock wall.
Park Meadows Country Club
Park Meadows Country Club The shape of this stone works beautifully with the shape of the Park Meadows logo.
Epic Salon
Epic Salon Epic Salon has a beautiful modern logo that complements the ageless beauty of this sandstone slab.
Deer Mountain Sign Setting
Deer Mountain Sign Setting We have the right equipment to safely and precisely set large slab and boulder signs.
Deer Mountain Sign Set
Deer Mountain Sign Set Dear Mountain Sign Set and landscaped. A mountain graphic follows a natural color shift from tan to a darker brown color in this impressive slab.
Tim's Fountain
Tim's Fountain An outdoor water feature creates the soothing sound of splashing water.
Nadine's Stone Bridge
Nadine's Stone Bridge This stone bridge crosses a man-made stream. The slab has bear tracks sand carved into the stone.
Nadine's Stone Waterfall
Nadine's Stone Waterfall This waterfall features a stone slab engraved with the image of a mountain lion preparing to plunge into the water.
Jesse Effortlessly Brilliant
Jesse Effortlessly Brilliant This beautiful boulder has been set with minimal landscaping to provide a natural feel.
Beverly Pace Memorial Stone
Beverly Pace Memorial Stone This memorial stone has a natural forming desert varnish which creates darker orange and brown hues.
'We Lived Together in Happiness'
'We Lived Together in Happiness'
'Pals of the Past' Memorial Stone
'Pals of the Past' Memorial Stone
Bench 'In Memory Of...'
Bench 'In Memory Of...'
Forest House Bench
Forest House Bench